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Oman: Rooftop Solar Scheme

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Oman has recently launched a new scheme called “Sahim” to promote small-scale renewable energy applications

The “Sahim” scheme is an initiative to install solar photovoltaic panels in homes as well as public and private facilities, in a bid to boost electricity production in the Sultanate. The initiative was launched on 24 May 2017 at an inauguration ceremony by the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Ali bin Masoud Al Sunaidy, and has been developed by the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER). 

The Sahim scheme aims to reduce the country’s dependence on conventional sources of energy whilst benefiting consumers by permitting export of excess electricity back into the grid. Unlike neighboring countries, such as UAE, where a net metering scheme is preferred, in Oman, consumers will be able to sell power back to the grid at the prevailing electricity tariff. As the tariff varies depending on time of consumption, ranging from around 12 baiza per kilowatt hour in winter to 67 baiza per kilowatt hour in summer peak, the benefit to consumers would vary from time to time and, with storage technology, there may be opportunities to arbitrage.

The Sahim scheme will enable consumers to contact AER to refer them to entities that would carry out the installation of the PV systems. Although consumers will be fully responsible for paying for the installation of the PV systems, they will benefit from not only the long term cost savings associated with solar energy but also by being able to sell the excess capacity back to the government. 

The scheme should also have a positive impact on Oman’s localisation plans, as it will create opportunities for manufacturing and installation of solar cells in Oman for small and medium enterprises.

In launching this initiative, the AER has developed a set of standards and codes to support the safe and efficient installation of solar PV panels and their connection to the electricity network.

If you are interested to learn more about Oman’s renewable energy programme and opportunities, please contact the team below.