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UK: Bristol Water self-lay commitments

  • United Kingdom
  • Energy and infrastructure - Water


Ofwat has concluded its Competition Act investigation into allegations that Bristol Water (BW) abused a dominant position to discriminate against self-lay organisations by accepting a range of commitments offered by BW. These commitments include:

  • BW will ensure that its self-lay charges are not unduly discriminatory or preferential.
  • BW will ensure that self-lay charges are broadly equivalent to requisition charges.
  • BW will not deal with developers and SLOs in an unduly discriminatory or preferential way.
  • BW will produce external and internal policies and procedures on provision of infrastructure for new developments which are clear, compliant with statutory and regulatory obligations, and which avoid undue preference or discrimination.
  • BW will provide quarterly written reports to Ofwat on its compliance with the commitments, which are binding and enforceable by Ofwat.

Water UK on behalf of all water companies has announced the adoption of new standards for the provision of water and sewerage infrastructure for new homes and other construction projects. These standards follow the draft standards published in December 2014 as part of Government’s guidance document, “Better Connected: a practical guide to utilities for home builders”.

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