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FundsTrack: trends in the private funds market 2022 report

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We are delighted to share with you our new Private Funds report, "FundsTrack: trends in the private funds market".

The growth of private market assets is not a new trend and we’re seeing investors continue to re-allocate capital from public markets to private markets, with the next few years geared to bring transformative changes.

Collated from data advising on and reviewing 100s of funds globally using FundsTrack, our private funds data platform, in this report we analyze the data across a number of hot topics currently impacting the private funds industry including:

  • Geography
  • ESG
  • Diversification
  • Fees and carried interest
  • Removal and early termination

The report provides unparalleled insight into what constitutes market standard – rather than relying on anecdotal evidence – and will give confidence to your strategic structuring and investment decisions and what market terms can be achieved. Covering all asset classes, including private equity, infrastructure, debt, real estate and renewables and all fund jurisdictions, the report is relevant to those across the market, including GPs, managers, LPs, intermediaries, placement agents and brokers.

Download the FundsTrack report here>

For an overview on the data used for the report and the technology solutions for institutional investors, please download the report here. Our FundsTrack data platform was instrumental in analyzing the data for the FundsTrack report. This is a proprietary tech utilizing database of hundreds of funds, which was used to indentify key trends in the public and private funds space, filtered by asset class, market events and jurisdiction. The key data points were collated into our market trends platform to help deliver advice more cost efficently and quickly.


If you would like to discuss any of the market trends in the report, and how they may impact your current and future funds, please get in touch: