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Global Tech Week: Adopting, designing or marketing new technologies - what you need to know before it's too late

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Between 28 February and 3 March 2022 we held the inaugural Global Tech Week which focussed on the opportunities posed by digitalization and the potential legal implications and challenges.

It’s a well known truth that retrospective corrections are always more painful and costly. Never more so when the corrective lesson is being given by an aggressive plaintiff bar or regulator, or a sales cycle slowed to a virtual halt by customer push back. Trust and the ethical high ground is difficult to reinstate once lost. Yet the growing matrix of global data privacy and cybersecurity laws can seem overwhelming.

Led by our global heads of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Paula Barrett and Michael Bahar, this panel session, which took place on Monday 28 February, equips attendees with key points to focus on, which they can take back to their business to inform a data strategy and risk assessment which adds real value and potential cost savings to their product and service development initiatives. Topics covered included privacy and security by design, data transfers and localisation, biometrics, marketing, AI, Crypto and other emerging technology regulatory themes.

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