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Our teams across the world have been supporting employers steer through the legal and practical employment implications raised by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our extensive global footprint means that we are well placed to help employers, wherever they have a presence.

To assist multinational employers, our teams have produced a variety of tools, briefings and podcasts. We have pulled together all of the latest resources in this 'boxset' of materials.

Global employer guide

This interactive guide provides an overview of how jurisdictions around the world have responded to the pandemic, with practical answers to key queries across over 30 jurisdictions.

Global reduction in workforce

These two briefings highlight some of the issues and considerations for multinational employers, looking specifically at reduction in workforce planning and reduction in workforce implementation.

Workforce reorganization planning

We've created a tool which provides a checklist of legal and practical considerations for global employers planning reorganization exercises, with a comparative “at-a-glance” cross-jurisdictional guide.

Coronavirus: Returning to the workplace 

These two briefings highlight some of the issues for global employers to consider in preparing for and implementing a return to the workplace, including in the second briefing a look back at experiences from different jurisdictions.

Employer back to workplace planning tool

This tool provides a checklist of legal and practical considerations for global employers planning a return to workplaces, with a comparative “at-a-glance” cross-jurisdictional guide.

Working arrangements during COVID-19

In this briefing we consider the impact of new arrangements on matters such as working time, annual leave and rest periods.

Global employment and labor law update

This COVID-19 edition of our quarterly Global Employment and Labor Law Update focuses on duty of care, screening measures and workforce planning to provide you with a country-by-country overview of these key issues across the globe.

Coronavirus: Employment podcast series

In this series of short podcasts with our international teams, we discuss the legal and practical implications of the lockdown and beyond for employers in various jurisdictions.