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Betting and Gaming amendments for South Africa

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The National Gambling Amendment Bill (“NGA Bill”), which was approved by the National Assembly of South Africa in November 2018, is presently awaiting approval from the National Council of Provinces where it is being considered prior to presidential signature. The NGA Bill contains significant amendments which will have a material impact on the gambling/gaming industry in South Africa and will affect lottery, casino gambling, horse racing, sports betting and online gambling.

Noteworthy amendments include:

  • The operation of the National Central Electronic Monitoring System (“NCEMS”), which enables the National Gambling Board to detect, monitor and analyse reporting data on gambling machines, will be extended from gambling machines that have a limited pay-out of R500, to all casinos, bingo and betting activities.
  • The introduction of forfeiture of unlawful winnings to the National Gambling Regulator which will replace the current National Gambling Board.
  • Further restrictions will be imposed on advertisements for gambling.
  • Restrictions on gambling premises will be imposed including entrances and locations of automated tellers.

The NGA Bill will become enacted into law once it has been approved by the National Council of Provinces and presidential signature has been obtained.

For up to date progress on the enactment of the NGA Bill and for a full text, visit Sabinet.

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