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Oh Come All Ye Security Service Providers including but not limited to Manufacturers, Suppliers, Sellers of Security Equipment and Security Service Personnel

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The Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001 (as amended) (“the Act”) describes a security service provider as “a person who renders a security service to another for a remuneration, reward, fee or benefit and includes such a person who is not registered as required in terms of this Act”. A security service provider, who should be registered in terms of the Act includes the following people:

1. A private investigator;

2. A locksmith;

3. Security consultants and advisers;

4. Security service providers ensuring order and safety on premises used for sporting, recreational, entertainment or similar purposes;

5. Provider of security training;

6. Installing, servicing, repairing security equipment or performing certain functions regarding monitoring devices;

7. Manufacturing, importing, distributing, advertising, possessing or using a monitoring device.

Having regard to the aforesaid, if you are a locksmith providing locks and keys to customers, the Act requires you to register as a service provider. But what if you are not registered?

The Act provides that security service providers that are not registered, may be found guilty of improper conduct and held liable to, amongst other things, the following penalties:

i. A warning or a reprimand;

ii. A fine not exceeding R10 000;

iii. Publication of details of the conviction of improper conduct and any penalty imposed on you; or

iv. Any combination of the above penalties.

You may also further be found guilty of a criminal offence and on conviction liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period of up to 24 months, or to both a fine and imprisonment.

There are factors that will be considered before any penalty is imposed, which factors we are able to discuss with you in more detail over a Zoom meeting, telephonically or in person.

Additionally, our offices are able to assist you with registering as a security service provider.