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Support for the construction of renewable sources

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Reforms and investments in renewable energy sources are planned in the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic. The reforms are primarily intended to bring energy efficiency adjustments to reduce consumption and increase the share of green energy, as well as to facilitate the connection of renewable energy sources ("RES") and the adoption of support and investment schemes for new and modernised RES.

As part of investments in the construction of new RES, the construction of facilities with an output of 10 kW to 50 MW (excluding hydropower plants) with a total volume of new connected RES of 120 MW is expected by 2026. Subsidies will be allocated based on auctions, with the main criterion being the cost per MWh of electricity produced. In total, subsidies of EUR 103 million are expected.

At the same time, it is planned to support the modernisation (so-called repowering) of biogas plants and hydropower plants in the amount of EUR 62 million. The same amount will support energy storage facilities (battery storage), including solutions based on the use of hydrogen and increasing the regulation frequency of hydropower plants.