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ESG – Corporates

Environmental, social and governance: corporates

The days of providing limited or generic information on a company’s true climate resilience or decarbonization position are coming to an end. Whether you are at the beginning or end of a supply chain, the onus is firmly on your organization to do the best you can in regards to environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Those who make decisions about what to buy and what to invest in, from and with whom, as well as those who rate risk within companies, need access to accurate and helpful information so that they can make informed decisions. Think corruption and bribery, think human rights, think of any area which was once a tick the box exercise that ceased to be, think of any business activity that crossed the line to become a moral issue. This is where climate change and sustainability for corporates is headed.

Experienced ESG lawyers for your corporate business

We have developed legal solutions to enable corporates not only to comply with increasing regulation and disclosure obligations, but to take advantage of the many opportunities presented across the entire energy transition.

The focus on ESG means there is significant opportunity to grow in a way which is attractive to customers and investors, business partners and employees. Improving on climate resilience and decarbonization has the potential to bring out the very best in partnerships and enable the recruitment and retention of people, create reductions in costs including the cost of capital, enable access to more innovative and helpful funding solutions, and above all, limit negative environmental impact.

With years of experience helping corporates their environmental, social and governance performance, our ESG lawyers can help enable you to deliver your own sustainability and decarbonization strategies with significant positive outcomes.