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Climate Resilience

Our climate change lawyers cover every aspect of climate change law

The evidence is all around us. From rising sea and land temperatures to shrinking ice sheets, the threat of climate change is very real. In response, ambitious targets are now being set for the reduction of harmful waste, creating implications for organizations working across the energy, land and agriculture, banking and finance, real estate and transport industries to name but a few.

How you deal with those implications is important for a number of reasons. Climate change is a highly emotive issue, with a false move bringing the potential for catastrophic reputational damage. The regulatory burden has also increased enormously, with regulations tighter than ever before and an escalating number of litigation cases being brought globally.

But climate risk is about much more than the purely physical impacts. It also extends to transitional risk. What we mean by this is the risk to a company’s value of its key stakeholders ceasing to engage with it due to its failure to decarbonise in a sustainable and impactful way. Stakeholders such as investors, customers, business partners and employees.

With years of experience working across every aspect of the energy transition, we can help protect your business from these threats and also capitalize on the many opportunities climate change presents. We don’t just understand the law in this area, we help to shape it, with our lawyers at the forefront of legal, regulatory and market developments across the globe.

To find out how we can help you on a particular area of climate change law, please choose from the following options:

How we can help

Decarbonization and sustainability advice we provide:

Energy transition projects including sustainable transport, sustainable fuels, renewable heat and power, storage solutions, smart and distributed power solutions

JVs and business partnerships

M&A and investing across global assets

Sustainability, climate and impact fund creation and investments

Asset green tagging structures and green finance including project finance and climate and transactional bonds

Climate, carbon and energy transition regulation

Climate and carbon reporting, compliance and disclosure

Decarbonization procurement and solutions including energy transition assets such as renewable power and heat, energy efficiency, EV mobility, hydrogen and SMR and distributed energy

Utilization of existing asset base for climate solutions

Own organization climate risk due diligence including supply chain

Carbon trading and other set off structures including forestry products

Employee contract and workplace alignment with corporate climate targets and compliance

Climate litigation

Heading climate risk including derivatives

Insurance protection and solutions for climate related risks

Forestry and sustainable agriculture solutions