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Climate Resilience

ESG: Governance

Robust governance structures are now essential to every company’s success. Decisions at this level impact your success, future operations, reputation, ability to attract and retain talented employees and loyal customers, and the means to secure and protect the future of your organization. Internal and external risk must be carefully navigated with corporate objectives and goals.

Anti-bribery and corruption

The legal and personal risks of bribery are significant. Individuals are imprisoned. In some jurisdictions, senior executives bear personal responsibility for employee conduct. Even a loose association with a bribery investigation can damage reputations and disrupt operations.

Establishing systems and procedures that recognize and minimize these significant risks are crucial. Corporations are expected to ensure that their suppliers, potential partners or acquisitions also take adequate steps towards preventing bribery, corruption, and fraud.

Issues of bribery and corruption often go to the heart of corporate governance. Our lawyers are experienced with all such matters, worldwide. We work closely with boards of directors and senior management to ensure these issues are given the deference they warrant. We work to prevent corruption inside your walls, and we also work with victims of bribery, corruption or fraud to recover assets. Our lawyers conduct anti-bribery audits and analyses, as well as anti-corruption training.

Disclosures and reporting

Whether voluntary or required, transparent and accurate reporting is key, however daunting it may be. The risk of litigation requires a careful, and thoughtful disclosure process. What is required within your jurisdictions? What level of detail do you report? How far into the future do you make commitments? Do you share quantitative data? Should the measures taken be reported or also the outcomes of those measures?

Regardless of your company’s size, complexity, or location, our lawyers are here to support your disclosure and reporting activities. We take a multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional approach, activating lawyers and compliance consultants which allows us to tailor specific solutions for your needs.

Pensions, benefits, and executive compensation

Providing your employees with retirement benefits is becoming increasingly significant as government benefits decrease and life expectancy and regulations increase. International employees can struggle to establish wealth using traditional means, which can impact corporate succession planning.

Establishing standard practices for your executive and senior teams requires careful and adept planning, knowledge of cross-border regulations, and an understanding of your business goals. Our employee benefits, pensions, and executive compensation practices work with you to create reasonable and innovative solutions for each of these needs.

Technology and digitization

As technology expands and artificial intelligence becomes more embedded into company structures, production, marketing, and planning; a matrix of technology legislation is forming. These new regulations include energy, sustainability, privacy, social and ethical standards that corporate boards will need to comply with. Jurisdictions are setting noncompliance fines as high as 6% of global turnover.

Whether you are procuring, deploying, manufacturing, selling or licensing technologies, it is critical to ensure you complete due diligence for yourselves and your supply chain.

We can help

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