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Eversheds Sutherland Overseas Banks Legal and Compliance (OBLC) Forum

The current regulatory landscape

The past few years have seen considerable change and development in the global regulatory, compliance and litigation landscapes which have had a significant impact on Eversheds Sutherland's clients across multiple jurisdictions. The effects have been most felt by our financial services clients, particularly international institutions and, in the UK, overseas banks with a UK presence.

Eversheds Sutherland's OBLC Forum

Evershed Sutherland's OBLC Forum is aimed at senior management, compliance officers and in-house counsel from overseas banks, especially those with a UK presence. The aim is to provide a forum in which both contentious and non-contentious legal and regulatory matters which impact banks headquartered outside England and Wales, but operating in the UK, can be debated, discussed and shared.

As well as hosting the OBLC Forum, Evershed Sutherland will publish materials and hold regular training events to keep the Forum’s members updated about legal, regulatory and compliance related developments and issues which affect their institutions. Evershed Sutherland are happy for members to make suggestions as to topical issues they wish to learn more about or provide bespoke training to a member’s internal teams.


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