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Disruptive Technology law

As technology continues to evolve, businesses are challenged to be creative, find innovative solutions and drive change including how they operate. A lot of emerging technologies are still at the very early stages of evolving, therefore law and regulations are continuously changing to keep up.

Our Technology lawyers are at the forefront of many bleeding edge deals. Cutting across all sectors including financial, retail, transport, diversified industrials, health and energy, we can advise you across key disruptive technologies including AI/robotics, additive manufacturing, IoT, connected and autonomous vehicles, cloud and Blockchain. 

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The simulation of human processes has spurred AI innovation and is fast becoming a change agent in business models. Firms must consider legal liability whether you are selling AI/robots or adopting their use. Our team is at the forefront of these laws and can help you navigate the changes.


Consumers are connected around the world more than ever and Fintech firms want to meet these personalised demands. With our experience of corporate financial markets, tax, IP, FinTech platform operators, we can help you achieve and embrace the regulation surrounding this disruptive technology.

Internet of Things

Connected devices are becoming intelligent devices. With this, the amount of data grows and presents new opportunities. However this also poses a new set of regulatory challenges, including the use of IP rights, contractual arrangements, liability and risk for failure. Our team is experienced across a range of industry sectors, get in touch.


Additive Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing

There are some tricky issues to consider in this area including IP ownership, how to deal with the need for the printing technology and/or the software files, the taxation position and much more. Most recently we have worked extensively with a technology company in building their model and terms across the EMEA, looking at contracting positions, insurance and product liability.


Cyber attacks are unavoidable with the advancement of algorithms and sophisticated hacks. Therefore cybersecurity is paramount to safeguard against a data breach, our lawyers act as enablers to ensure your business is protected against such risks.


Blockchain technology will ease many current regulatory issues, boost liquidity, facilitate trust between market participants and secure data. Our lawyers understand how to embrace this new technology in light of the regulatory and compliance challenges.

Smart Cities

We are seeing more examples of smart city transformation where traditional networks and services are made more efficient through the use of digital and telecoms technologies. We are regularly advising on numerous aspects of smart cities including infrastructure, clean energy, connectivity, privacy and data analytics, environmental aspects and much more.

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence in the driver’s seat is a reality today and will become far more advanced each year. Whether you are an auto manufacturer, technology supplier or an intermediary, new laws around autonomous/connected cars, data protection and AI will need to be considered and we are helping our clients understand their obligations in these areas.



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