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Consumer law: Understanding the consumer rights act.

Partner Matthew Gough considers the consumer rights act.

Matthew Gough

T:+ 44 292 047 7943


Matthew Gough, Partner, consumer law

Over the last four years we were asked by The Law Society to join their consumer reference group - a very small number of a law firms which help The Law Society in its consultations with the Government’s biz department. This meant we met directly with the Government to talk about the changes in law which became The Consumer Rights Act on 1 October 2015.

What it means is, we’ve got so much knowledge we can answer the questions very quickly and very cost-effectively, but our involvement in the government consultation process knows we know the background to all of the changes, so sometimes we are able to explain to the clients why the law has changed in a particular way, which means then they’ve got that inside view as to why they have to now do things a little differently, and they appreciate that because otherwise sometimes the law can be difficult for a client who hasn’t got legal qualifications to understand.