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Privacy and data protection, Understanding and experience

Paula Barrett and Liz Fitsimons share some recent privacy and data protection experience.

Liz Fitzsimons

T: +44 122 344 3808

Paula Barrett

T: +44 207 919 4634


Liz Fitsimons, Partner, privacy & data protection
Paula Barrett, Partner, privacy & data protection

Liz Fitsimons: Information law and public access to information has been an increasing theme over the last 10 years as the right to information and understanding what public bodies do has become seen as a fundamental right for tax payers and others. Initially seen as just a public sector issue, as public sectors increasingly partner with private sectors it’s effecting everybody in all sectors and we’re all learning to understand the need to balance these public rights to information and the need for transparency and accountability with the ongoing need to protect privacy and confidential information of business.

Paula Barrett: A number of examples of works we’ve undertaken cross quite a range, really. So in relation to data security and cyber security risks, there’s an increasing need to support clients in that area and that requires quite a rapid response. So, we’ve been able to assist a number of clients with that. An example which springs to mind is in a multi-jurisdictional context where the client had been on the wrong end of a phishing attack and we were able to assist the client with a report back on where they needed to report within the EU on an initial phone call followed up by some written advice and then further support going forward, which was of enormous assistance to them when they were looking then to decide whether or not they needed to go public in relation to that or indeed whether they had to issue immediate notices to their local regulators or individuals concerned. Some other work we’ve been doing involves implementing human resource information systems and CRM systems. One particular example was where we assisted a client who has had operations in over 60 countries where they needed assistance not only with the negotiations with the relevant cloud service provider who was hosting the system for them but also the intergroup arrangements that needed to be put in place to deal with transfers, notices to members of staff and filings that needed to be made. We also worked with our employment colleagues in that context to make sure that consultations were undertaken accordingly with works councils.