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Legal Alert | Easing of conditions for local energy sources

  • Slovakia


    The amendment to the Act on Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources, which brings the long-awaited easing of conditions for so-called "local sources", has been effective since 1 April 2022. The changes came just on time for the planned tender according to Slovakia's Recovery and Resilience Plan (EU Recovery Plan) for new renewable energy sources

    According to the new law, a local source is:

    • an installation for the generation of electricity from a renewable energy source,
    • generating the electricity to cover the own consumption at a consumption point identical to the feeding point,
    • with a total installed capacity that does not exceed the maximum reserved capacity of the consumption point (the limitation up to 500 kW has been repealed),
    • with the right to feed the not consumed electricity into the grid to the extent of the maximum reserved capacity (the limitation up to 10% has been repealed),
    • while the electricity generated and consumed on site is not subject to the system operation tariff (TPS) up to a quantity of 1,000 MWh per year.

    In the coming months, the technical design and operational requirements for local sources will be developed, as well as the rules for the distribution of free capacities for connection to the grid.

    If you are interested in further information about the energy sector or the Slovak EU Recovery Plan, we are at your disposal.


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