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Education Webinar - Atypical/fixed term/irregular hours staff

Who should attend

This training session is aimed at those working in the education sector.


Whilst many staff in the education sector work on permanent contracts with guaranteed hours, a substantial number do not – such as those on fixed-term, zero hours or casual contracts.


This flexibility can suit both the institution and the worker – but not always. Sector trade unions campaign against casualisation and what they see as the exploitation of some of their members, whilst at the same time there is some evidence of a recent increase in the use of non-standard contracts in the sector, including teaching only contracts for academics in higher education. We have also recently seen a number of important court decisions on employment status.

So how do institutions navigate these tricky issues?

In this webinar we look at:

−     what is meant by atypical/fixed term/irregular hours staff?

−     how do you decide whether someone is an employee, worker or independent contractor? And why does it matter?

−     what are they key legal and practical considerations?

−     what is the impact on terms and conditions of employment, continuity and termination?


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