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Eversheds Sutherland articles, China

Global Tech Week: Demystifying China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)14/03/2022
Arrival of the PIPL: Consolidating the personal information regime in the PRC 《中华人民共和国个人信息保护法》的落实:将巩固中华人民共和国的个人信息保护制度 30/08/2021
China’s Ministry of Justice seeks public consultation on draft revisions to Arbitration Law 中国司法部就《仲裁法》修订草案征求公众意见11/08/2021
The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment14/04/2021
Recording - COVID-19 Vaccinations and Employment Issues: Views from China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore12/03/2021
The shape of things to come - What to expect in the Year of the Ox16/02/2021
US Target China's National Offshore Oil Corporation with Export Sanctions26/01/2021
Brexit: knowing where you stand - Understanding the EU-UK trade deal 解析英国-欧盟贸易合作协议及其影响 21/01/2021
China Unveils New National Security Review Measures For Foreign Investment11/01/2021
Unpacking US-China sanctions and export control regulations: practical compliance strategies04/01/2021
The EU-China BIT Negotiation and the Position of Chinese SOEs as Investors 欧盟-中国双边投资条约的谈判以及中国国有企业作为投资者的身份 30/12/2020
Congress passes bipartisan legislation requiring Chinese and other firms listed on US exchanges to meet US audit standards09/12/2020
Trump Administration bans transactions involving publicly traded securities of designated Chinese military companies30/11/2020
China set to widen pilot trials of central bank digital currency 中国将更广泛地开展央行数字货币试点测试03/09/2020
China publishes Draft Data Security Law 中国发布了《数据安全法(草案)》14/08/2020
Patent linkage and patent term compensation are coming to China31/07/2020
China has started pilot trials of central bank digital currency 中国先行展开央行数字货币试点测试16/07/2020
China issues New Cybersecurity Review Measures13/05/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update – China22/04/2020
Coronavirus - key legal challenges and solutions for the international energy industry03/02/2020
A guide to the current and proposed foreign investment regimes in the UK, Germany, EU, US and China18/02/2019
Huawei arrest may impact trade war truce between China and the United States07/12/2018
California Regulates the Internet-Of-Things30/11/2018
Global employment briefing: China and Hong Kong, October 201803/10/2018
China and Hong Kong Employment Law Update03/10/2018
SFC reminded firms to maintain financial well-being against systemic risk28/09/2018
Shortening the long arm of the law –the Second Circuit limits the extraterritorial reach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act04/09/2018
China further relaxes restrictions on foreign investments10/07/2018
Key takeaways from the 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum25/06/2018
China Cybersecurity Law One Year On01/06/2018
Investing in Infrastructure Opportunities in Brunei Darussalam09/04/2018
SFC’s First ICO Regulatory Action21/03/2018
New listing regime for emerging and innovative companies 08/03/2018
Helping it click into place - Our monthly Asia cybersecurity update02/03/2018
Hong Kong Voluntary Liquidation: recognition granted in landmark US Bankruptcy Court ruling01/03/2018
Are robo-advisory services the way to go?02/02/2018
Global employment briefing: China, January 201831/01/2018
China Law Employment Update29/01/2018
The Reform of GEM 22/12/2017
China Securitisation: Legal and Rating Developments09/10/2017
China launches “Court of the Internet”24/08/2017
The PRC authorities published draft regulations on cybersecurity for public consultation20/07/2017
Global employment briefing: China, June 201701/06/2017
CHINA: Getting prepared for the new Cybersecurity Law11/05/2017
Update on China’s new Cybersecurity Law: more clarity on the restrictions in relation to data transfer outside of China21/04/2017
Getting prepared for the new Cybersecurity Law12/04/2017
Global employment briefing: China, February 201701/02/2017
What would a Brexit mean for EU businesses operating in the UK?20/06/2016
Hong Kong Court of Appeal confirms employers cannot dismiss to avoid bonus payments01/06/2016
Global employment briefing: China, May 201620/05/2016
NDRC delivers record fine in the Chinese automotive sector 12/05/2015
Global employment briefing: China, January 201528/01/2015
MOFCOM publishes first ever decision relating to failure to file22/12/2014
Opening the gates for outbound investment04/08/2014
China’s Ministry of Commerce announces intention to investigate 80 industries regarding possible anti-competitive conduct23/06/2014
China marks fifth anniversary of its anti-monopoly law with landmark vertical price fixing decision08/11/2013
Guangdong Prohibits Fines or Salary Deduction as Disciplinary Measures03/06/2013
Hong Kong plans Paternity Leave03/06/2013
Jiangsu Amended its Regulations on Labour Contract 03/06/2013
New Draft of Administration Regulations on Entry and Exit 03/06/2013
SAT Provides Clarifications on PE Issues for Secondment 03/06/2013
Tianjin Issues Implementation Regulations on Labour Contract Law03/06/2013