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Supply chain horizons28/03/2023
ESAPA Client eNewsletter07/03/2023
China’s new Standard Contractual Clauses – finally released! | 中国版标准合同 — 终于正式落地了!03/03/2023
Strength, resilience, and rebirth - What to expect in the Year of the Rabbit | 兔跃迎岚 蓄势待发 - 癸卯兔年热门法律议题概览13/02/2023
New Stablecoins Regulations in Hong Kong 2023/ 202407/02/2023
Competition authorities crackdown on employment markets: a new era for cartels01/02/2023
Hong Kong’s statutory minimum wage to be raised by HK$2.5 to HK$40 per hour in May 202313/01/2023
Key challenges of sustainable trade finance in Hong Kong – Episode 4: The legal documentation of sustainable trade finance28/12/2022
Planet of the Bored Apes: NFTs recognised as property by Singapore Courts15/12/2022
New Hong Kong licence for Virtual Asset Service Providers postponed to 1 June 202308/12/2022
Key challenges of sustainable trade finance in Hong Kong – Episode 3: The costs and assessment of sustainable trade finance07/12/2022
Key challenges of sustainable trade finance in Hong Kong – Episode 2: The product structure of sustainable trade finance11/11/2022
Key challenges of sustainable trade finance in Hong Kong – Episode 1: Sustainable trade finance on the rise, but what is it? 04/11/2022
When do Hong Kong directors owe a duty to consider creditors’ interests?19/10/2022
Upping the ante in cartel enforcement | Hong Kong Competition Commission expands the scope of its leniency programme for individuals involved in cartel conduct23/09/2022
HKEX to Extend Regulatory Effect of Share Schemes under the Listing Rules | 联交所扩大《上市规则》下股份计划的监管效力29/08/2022
SFC Seeks to Widen Its Enforcement Power04/08/2022
New Standard Contractual Clauses for the Cross-border Transfer of Personal Information out of Mainland China | 中国大陆个人信息出境的新标准合同规定20/07/2022
Life, Liberty and Bitcoin?19/07/2022
Hong Kong regulator trying to stop “rolling bad apples” with new Mandatory Reference Checking Scheme13/07/2022
Measures on Security Assessment of Data Export12/07/2022
New licence required for Virtual Asset Service Providers in Hong Kong from 1 March 2023 | 2023年3月1日起新监管牌照要求将适用于香港虚拟资产服务提供者06/07/2022
Five things you should know about PCPD’s Recommended Model Contractual Clauses for Cross-border Transfer of Personal Data02/06/2022
New PRC guideline on cross-border transfer of personal information 新的中国个人信息跨境转移指南19/05/2022
Hong Kong proposes new employment legislation regarding vaccination requirements and COVID-19 movement restrictions05/05/2022
Government responds to further proposals on the Employment (Amendment) Bill05/05/2022
Government announces further details about the Employment Support Scheme22/04/2022
What we know (and don’t yet know) about the Employment Support Scheme 202229/03/2022
The shape of things to come - What to expect in the Year of the Tiger | 冬去春来 虎年前瞻 壬寅虎年 热门法律议题概览25/03/2022
Hong Kong Chapter in The Dispute Resolution Review, Edition 1418/03/2022
Global Tech Week: Demystifying China's Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)14/03/2022
GAP Part II: Coronavirus brings another general adjournment to Hong Kong Court proceedings08/03/2022
Major changes to Hong Kong separation payments in the pipeline23/02/2022
Hong Kong Vaccine Pass - What employers should know11/02/2022
HKMA reviews current crypto-asset regulations | 香港金管局检讨现行对加密资产的规管10/02/2022
HKEX Announced New Listing Regime for SPACs17/01/2022
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied - Hong Kong court rules amended to make summary judgment available to victims of wire fraud03/12/2021
China’s Personal Information Protection Law: what employers need to know before 1 November 202128/10/2021
HKEX Publishes Consultation Paper on Listing Regime for SPACs23/09/2021
Road to compliance: China's new data privacy regime podcast17/09/2021
Arrival of the PIPL: Consolidating the personal information regime in the PRC 《中华人民共和国个人信息保护法》的落实:将巩固中华人民共和国的个人信息保护制度 30/08/2021
Hong Kong Court of Appeal moves away from the genuine pre-estimate of loss test for penalty clauses in Hong Kong23/08/2021
The Immigration (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 – Increased Penalties for Employing Overstayers23/08/2021
The Employees’ Compensation (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 gazetted – Expansion of ECO Coverage to “Extreme Conditions” 23/08/2021
China’s Ministry of Justice seeks public consultation on draft revisions to Arbitration Law 中国司法部就《仲裁法》修订草案征求公众意见11/08/2021
Lessons learnt from the SFC’s enforcement action - Timely reminders18/06/2021
A milestone in the recognition of Hong Kong corporate insolvency proceedings in the PRC 中国内地认可香港破产程序的里程碑15/06/2021
Action Now - Apply for the New Government Grant for OFCs and REITs in Hong Kong04/06/2021
Summary of the Compulsory Quarantine Exemption Scheme for Senior Executives of SFC-licensed Corporations03/06/2021
China publishes second draft on PRC Cybersecurity and Data Protection Laws 中国发布有关中国网络安全及数据保护法的草案二次审议稿17/05/2021
The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment14/04/2021
The Reimbursement of Maternity Leave Pay Scheme goes live09/04/2021
More Holidays in Hong Kong16/03/2021
Recording - COVID-19 Vaccinations and Employment Issues: Views from China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore12/03/2021
Eversheds Sutherland Corporate tracker – key legislation26/02/2021
The shape of things to come - What to expect in the Year of the Ox16/02/2021
US Target China's National Offshore Oil Corporation with Export Sanctions26/01/2021
Brexit: knowing where you stand - Understanding the EU-UK trade deal 解析英国-欧盟贸易合作协议及其影响 21/01/2021
Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Provides Further Guidance on the Sex Discrimination Ordinance in the “Long Hair” Case 18/01/2021
Updates on the Implementation of the New Laws on Maternity Leave18/01/2021
Working From Home – The Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner’s Practical Guidance for Employers and Employees on Data Security and Personal Data Protection18/01/2021
COVID-19 - Visa Extension Applications by Non-Permanent Residents Outside Hong Kong18/01/2021
The Importance of Right Timing – No Delay in Application for Injunction to Restrain Former Employees from Competing18/01/2021
China Unveils New National Security Review Measures For Foreign Investment11/01/2021
Unpacking US-China sanctions and export control regulations: practical compliance strategies04/01/2021
The EU-China BIT Negotiation and the Position of Chinese SOEs as Investors 欧盟-中国双边投资条约的谈判以及中国国有企业作为投资者的身份 30/12/2020
Hong Kong proposes licensing regime for virtual asset service provider11/12/2020
Congress passes bipartisan legislation requiring Chinese and other firms listed on US exchanges to meet US audit standards09/12/2020
Trump Administration bans transactions involving publicly traded securities of designated Chinese military companies30/11/2020
SEC amends “accredited investor” definition - A comparative look at the positions in US, UK and Hong Kong26/11/2020
Draft Personal Data Protection Law Released in PRC19/11/2020
Hong Kong Court of Appeal upholds bonus payment and restricts employers’ right to make deductions27/10/2020
Parent Company Held Liable as Joint Employer of Subsidiaries’ Employees21/10/2020
Changes to Hong Kong maternity rights coming in December19/10/2020
Illuminating the new normal - Asia-Pacific legal counsel in a time of unprecedented change08/09/2020
China set to widen pilot trials of central bank digital currency 中国将更广泛地开展央行数字货币试点测试03/09/2020
Asia - An international perspective – Views on key issues from around the globe01/09/2020
The Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance comes into operation31/08/2020
Part 4 – Overview of the limited partnership fund: So long, partner-ship – dissolution and winding up options28/08/2020
Part 3 – Overview of the limited partnership fund: Safe harbors for limited partners24/08/2020
Coronavirus - Hong Kong Government Issues Guidance on Dealing with a confirmed CoVID-19 case in the Workplace - Hong Kong17/08/2020
China publishes Draft Data Security Law 中国发布了《数据安全法(草案)》14/08/2020
Part 2 - Overview of the limited partnership fund: LPF Registration 10114/08/2020
Part 1 - Overview of the limited partnership fund: How does Hong Kong match up to the Cayman Islands and Singapore?07/08/2020
New visa route for British National (Overseas) Citizens04/08/2020
Patent linkage and patent term compensation are coming to China31/07/2020
Putting paperless court proceedings into action – Court Proceedings (Electronic Technology) Bill passed24/07/2020
China has started pilot trials of central bank digital currency 中国先行展开央行数字货币试点测试16/07/2020
Hong Kong passes bill to increase maternity leave from 10 weeks to 14 weeks16/07/2020
The Limited Partnership Fund: A new fund structure for Hong Kong14/07/2020
More Stringent Requirements for Hong Kong Occupational Retirement Schemes Introduced06/07/2020
Hong Kong anti-discrimination ordinances now apply more broadly24/06/2020
IOSCO consults on new proposed principles on outsourcing11/06/2020
Health check: Do you know what your licensed corporation is doing overseas?27/05/2020
Hong Kong Employment Support Scheme: What you need to know22/05/2020
HK Government further refines its Employment Support Scheme14/05/2020
China issues New Cybersecurity Review Measures13/05/2020
Competition Tribunal adopts “structured methodological approach” to penalties06/05/2020
Coronavirus: Further conditions imposed on the Hong Kong Government’s Employment Support Scheme - Hong Kong24/04/2020
Black Swan Alert: Oil Price Collapse 24/04/2020
An Asia Pacific Guide to Force Majeure23/04/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update – China22/04/2020
To (Re)pay or Not to (Re)pay21/04/2020
Hong Kong Government provides more details on the Employment Support Scheme17/04/2020
Coronavirus - Hong Kong Government provides more details on the Employment Support Scheme - Hong Kong17/04/2020
Can’t Litigate? Let’s Arbitrate14/04/2020
Coronavirus: Hong Kong Employers, travel industry receive support – Hong Kong09/04/2020
Coronavirus – Impact on AGMs – Hong Kong08/04/2020
When does private no longer mean private? Implications of a challenge to the SFC’s accessing of digital devices in an investigation01/04/2020
Coronavirus - Supply chain disruption - Global27/03/2020
Black Swan Alert: Closure of Philippines Stock Exchange and Record Low Base Rates - Impact on Hedging and Financing Documents20/03/2020
Coronavirus - The use of Personal Data in connection with Covid-19 – Hong Kong18/03/2020
Mar 2020 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter17/03/2020
Courts Returning to Business - Hong Kong03/03/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update - Hong Kong27/02/2020
Disclosure of Beneficial Owners of Counterparties in Corporate Transactions27/02/2020
Three Rivers runs through it - Consequences of applying the dominant purpose test to legal advice privilege 20/02/2020
New ESG requirements for Hong Kong listed issuers17/02/2020
The shape of things to come - What to expect in the Year of the Rat14/02/2020
Coronavirus - initial global contractual issues relating to outbreak in China03/02/2020
Coronavirus - key legal challenges and solutions for the international energy industry03/02/2020
Changes on the horizon in 2020: China and Hong Kong’s proposed reforms to data protection, cyber security and Internet content regulation24/01/2020
Hong Kong Government introduces bill to increase maternity leave from 10 weeks to 14 weeks16/01/2020
The Importance of Structuring Employee Termination Payments 16/01/2020
DOJ further aligns Export Control and Sanctions Enforcement Policy with FCPA enforcement practices14/01/2020
2020 - The year to get licensed - A new start for PE firms and family offices10/01/2020
A step closer to paperless court proceedings - Court Proceedings (Electronic Technology) Bill07/01/2020
Show me the Money! - The SFC Moves to Regulate Depositaries of SFC-authorised Collective Investment Schemes11/12/2019
Dec 2019 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter 05/12/2019
Hong Kong: A Safe Seat for India-Related Disputes?25/11/2019
Hong Kong’s Electronic Business Related Arbitration and Mediation Platform18/11/2019
Preventing an employee from backing out before the commencement date22/10/2019
Dangerous seas ahead - the California Consumer Privacy Act and litigation risk15/10/2019
Now In Force: Hong Kong – Mainland Arrangement Concerning Mutual Assistance in Interim Measures in Aid of Arbitration Proceedings02/10/2019
GRR Article - Mutual Recognition between China and Hong Kong30/09/2019
Tightening the Rules of Backdoor Listings16/09/2019
E-banking continues to be targeted by criminals – HKMA alerts banks on recent cyber security incidents13/06/2019
Hong Kong’s European network of Memoranda of Understanding 07/06/2019
Lift off for Hong Kong’s Competition Regime23/05/2019
Self-reporting made easy? New e-form by SFC to submit para. 12.5 Notifications20/05/2019
Bangladesh: ES advises on award-winning, first-in-country solar pv financing for Technaf Solartech, paving the way for three new wind projects with a total capacity of 150 MW17/05/2019
Data Privacy Implications of the use of CCTV Footage in the press24/04/2019
Hong Kong Court Finds Enforcement of Arbitration Award Barred by Section 4(1)(c) of the Limitation Ordinance Cap 34717/04/2019
Hong Kong Court Continues Anti-suit Injunction to Restrain PRC Proceedings 17/04/2019
Hong Kong Court Refuses Leave to Appeal on Question of Law and Clarifies the Application of Schedule 2 of the Arbitration Ordinance Cap 609 17/04/2019
Apr 2019 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter 15/04/2019
A guide to the current and proposed foreign investment regimes in the UK, Germany, EU, US and China18/02/2019
Corporate tracker – key legislation12/02/2019
Jan 2019 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter 31/01/2019
Huawei arrest may impact trade war truce between China and the United States07/12/2018
California Regulates the Internet-Of-Things30/11/2018
Nov 2018 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter26/11/2018
SFC enhances its regulatory framework to manage crypto-asset risks02/11/2018
Important win for SFC as Appeal Court says SFC does not have the burden of proof in proceedings before the MMT15/10/2018
Global employment briefing: China and Hong Kong, October 201803/10/2018
China and Hong Kong Employment Law Update03/10/2018
SFC reminded firms to maintain financial well-being against systemic risk28/09/2018
Shortening the long arm of the law –the Second Circuit limits the extraterritorial reach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act04/09/2018
Jul 2018 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter27/07/2018
China further relaxes restrictions on foreign investments10/07/2018
Key takeaways from the 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum25/06/2018
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, June 2018 12/06/2018
Legal Alert: CFTC takes steps to increase regulatory oversight of virtual currency markets05/06/2018
China Cybersecurity Law One Year On01/06/2018
Employment Legal Update – May 201830/05/2018
Hold on to your hats! Russia moves on counter-sanctions18/05/2018
Getting the Deal Through: Dominance 2018 - Hong Kong16/05/2018
Legal Alert: New York attorney general launches fact-finding inquiry into trading platforms for virtual currencies23/04/2018
Apr 2018 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter18/04/2018
Investing in Infrastructure Opportunities in Brunei Darussalam09/04/2018
Legal Alert: China faces potential new trade restrictions26/03/2018
SFC’s First ICO Regulatory Action21/03/2018
New listing regime for emerging and innovative companies 08/03/2018
Helping it click into place - Our monthly Asia cybersecurity update02/03/2018
Hong Kong Voluntary Liquidation: recognition granted in landmark US Bankruptcy Court ruling01/03/2018
Significant Controllers and Licensing Regimes08/02/2018
Truth Be Told – Witness Preparation in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States02/02/2018
Are robo-advisory services the way to go?02/02/2018
Global employment briefing: China, January 201831/01/2018
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, January 201831/01/2018
China Law Employment Update29/01/2018
Hong Kong Law Employment Update29/01/2018
The Reform of GEM 22/12/2017
Bitcoin Futures Contracts and Related Products – the View from the Securities and Futures Commission21/12/2017
HKMA publishes DLT Whitepaper 2.0 30/11/2017
Banks owe no duty of care to an applicant of an injunction order29/11/2017
New Register of Significant Controllers - Hong Kong 14/11/2017
M&A to outpace IPOs in ASEAN as entrepreneurial ventures mature: Sze-Hui Goh, Eversheds Harry Elias10/11/2017
Conclusions on Joint Consultation on Listing Regulation24/10/2017
SFC raids multiple small caps in Hong Kong's largest financial raid24/10/2017
Brexit: Implications for China’s Restructuring/Insolvency Industry16/10/2017
Personal accountability, culture, risk management: the HKMA rolls out enhanced Corporate Governance and Risk Management regime13/10/2017
Recent developments in the Singapore healthcare sector12/10/2017
China Securitisation: Legal and Rating Developments09/10/2017
Increased global co-operation between financial regulators29/09/2017
Hong Kong Fintech Firms to Play in the Sandbox29/09/2017
Legal Alert: US Treasury Department Imposes New Sanctions on North Korean Financial Institutions28/09/2017
HKEx publishes proposal on delisting companies28/09/2017
New corporate legislations in Hong Kong27/09/2017
SFC Regulating Initial Coin Offerings?07/09/2017
Court of Appeal holds standard non-reliance clause an ‘unconscionable term’, bank liable for investment losses28/08/2017
China launches “Court of the Internet”24/08/2017
Caught between a rock and a hard place, a Hong Kong-Based accounting firm agrees to revocation of its US registration with the PCAOB31/07/2017
Singapore released proposed Cybersecurity Bill for public consultation 21/07/2017
The PRC authorities published draft regulations on cybersecurity for public consultation20/07/2017
The Trump Administration and Chinese Investment in the US13/07/2017
UAE severs diplomatic ties with Qatar15/06/2017
DSFO v ENRC: The English court clarifies and restates the law on privilege in internal investigations12/06/2017
Implementing the HKMA’s Bank Culture Reform Circular12/06/2017
SFC’s Managers in Charge Regime: Deadline for Compliance Draws Near09/06/2017
Treat Customers Fairly: HKMA issues new ‘Dear CEO letter’ to Private Wealth Management Firms08/06/2017
Hong Kong Employment Law update05/06/2017
Global employment briefing: China, June 201701/06/2017
FCA and SFC sign FinTech co-operation agreement between the UK and Hong Kong01/06/2017
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, June 2017 01/06/2017
CHINA: Getting prepared for the new Cybersecurity Law11/05/2017
Dominance – Hong Kong04/05/2017
Vietnam launches FIT programme04/05/2017
A commentary on So Sau Lai Connie v DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd 25/04/2017
Update on China’s new Cybersecurity Law: more clarity on the restrictions in relation to data transfer outside of China21/04/2017
Getting prepared for the new Cybersecurity Law12/04/2017
Volatility and opportunity: Energy M&A in Asia-Pacific10/04/2017
Hong Kong Competition Commission fires the starting gun on enforcement 27/03/2017
Consultation Paper on Amendments to the Professional Investor Rules in Hong Kong – the SFC Seeks the Industry’s Feedback03/03/2017
Consultation Paper on Proposals to Enhance Asset Management Regulation and Point-of-sale Transparency – Eversheds submits comments on behalf of the industry03/03/2017
Eversheds Sutherland Employment and Pensions App 02/03/2017
A focus on dispute resolution in the Year of the Rooster20/02/2017
Say you’re sorry – The Hong Kong Apology Bill14/02/2017
Standby Letter of Credit: stringent approach in establishing fraud exception14/02/2017
Global employment briefing: China, February 201701/02/2017
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, February 201701/02/2017
Hong Kong: big changes for pension and severance in the pipeline 18/01/2017
Does Brexit really mean Brexit?12/12/2016
The Competition Ordinance – The Story So Far10/11/2016
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, October 201604/10/2016
SFC commences Market Misconduct Tribunal proceedings against former CEO of SkyNet Group Limited and related parties for false trading20/09/2016
Accessing foreign investment protection for international construction and engineering projects19/07/2016
What would a Brexit mean for EU businesses operating in the UK?20/06/2016
Hong Kong Court of Appeal confirms employers cannot dismiss to avoid bonus payments01/06/2016
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, May 201620/05/2016
Global employment briefing: China, May 201620/05/2016
Digital Financial Services: Protecting your business from cyber security threats16/05/2016
Compulsory reinstatement and re-engagement is on the horizon29/02/2016
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong - February 201601/02/2016
Japanese Renewables: Announcement of Draft Report by ANRE Subcommittee on the Reform of Renewable Energy Regulations 26/01/2016
The Restructuring Review - Hong Kong27/10/2015
Working Hours in Hong Kong – Consultation That’s Taking its Time…19/10/2015
Court of Appeal adopts a pragmatic approach to legal advice privilege in Hong Kong 03/08/2015
Countdown to the Competition Ordinance - Hong Kong regime set for full implementation from 14 December 2015 31/07/2015