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Eversheds Sutherland’s Employment team has built a reputation for creative, innovative advice while being transparent about fees and delivering quality advice on time. The Hong Kong team, led by Jennifer Van Dale, former Asia Head of Employment at Baker & McKenzie, is well known for giving actionable and practical advice, particularly around sensitive employee separations. The Shanghai team helps clients navigate the legal and cultural complexities on Mainland China, bringing a detailed knowledge of the law and regulation in practice to provide client focused solutions.

The Hong Kong and China teams work together as one team, offering top-quality integrated “greater China services” to clients. Employment is an example of the increasing move towards specialization as both the Hong Kong and the Mainland China markets becomes more sophisticated. Given the sensitivity of many employment matters, including the potential for adverse publicity, clients are now seeking advice from experts, not generalists. Eversheds Sutherland is one of a handful of firms to meet this need by offering a partner-led employment practice staffed by full-time employment specialists.

How we help our clients

  • PRC employment
  • HR optimisation
  • compliance
  • legal HR audit
  • legal HR training concepts
  • international employment and HR management
  • Asian/international HR project management

“We worked with Eversheds in Asia on a multi-jurisdictional matter. The work was well scoped and delivered on time and on budget. Eversheds project management skills came to the fore: they made our life easy and prepared a high quality report that was well written and commercially relevant. They have really set the standard on how to plan and execute complex, multi-jurisdictional projects.”

General Counsel of a leading airline in Hong Kong

Future of work - tech, society and futher persepctives from Asia

The “future of work” is often analysed as an outcome of AI, automation or robotics (or a combination of them) and often in melodramatic tones. The future of work is perhaps better analysed as the evolution of work. This paper outlines how the world of work is changing: new technologies, shifting demographics, social changes and geopolitical events are already having far-reaching effects on jobs, business models and the wider political economy.

Led by HRPG partner Jennifer Van Dale the paper looks at the main trends driving these changes and their impact on technology, employees and employers, data privacy, consumers, education, and governments.

This paper reviews four key trends that will be researched further as we go into 2018 :

  • global demographic changes
  • technological advances and the pace of change
  • social changes
  • geopolitical events and trends

We look to the major developments and likely outcomes that are shaping the future of work