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Corporate M&A 2022 Trends and Developments in Latvia11/05/2022
Updated EU Sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine01/03/2022
Starting business in Latvia20/12/2021
Competition and Competition Litigation Laws and Regulations in Latvia12/11/2021
Private Equity 2021 Guide: Trends and Developments in Latvia14/09/2021
Corporate M&A 2021 Trends and Developments in Latvia22/04/2021
Interaction Between Legislative and Judicial Powers. Active and Passive forms of Parliamentary Scrutiny of Judge-made Law16/10/2019
The Buzz in Latvia: Interview with Agris Bitans of Eversheds Bitans 21/07/2017
Brexit and the EU27 - a view from Latvia12/12/2016
Latvia: VAT on exports/customs duty10/06/2016
Latvia: Transfer of Information10/06/2016
Safety of Investments06/06/2016
Brexit: leave or stay in the EU?18/04/2016
Significant tax developments in Latvia:29/02/2016
Recent tax developments21/10/2015
New law on industrial property institutions and procedures03/08/2015
Recent tax developments19/06/2015
At the present moment, the increased safety of investments into construction is only effective on paper05/12/2014
Tax environment in Latvia: Latest developments and a view to the future11/11/2014
What should you know about the child rearing leave?05/11/2014
Change for the better12/06/2014
Insights into the systems of copyright protection traditions15/04/2014
Use of International Courts of Arbitration in Transactions with Foreign Partners27/03/2014
Are you socially responsible?24/02/2014
Concerns regarding a weakening judicial system06/02/2014
Making court proceedings more "professional" – a step forward in bettering the judicial system06/02/2014
Second best respondent’s memorial in Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot court competition12/11/2013
The use of trademarks in a company name (trade name)04/06/2013
The fight for customers and specialists drives the market.14/05/2013
The Mediation Bill - mutually beneficial decision21/03/2013
Foreign direct investments in Latvia: overview of legal regulation04/03/2013
To avoid legal proceedings26/02/2013
Special procedure might speed up legal proceedings regarding challenge of building permits18/02/2013
Only Attorney-at-Law admitted at the court of last instance23/01/2013
Opportunities to improve Public Procurement regulation still exist07/12/2012
When the expectations do not comply07/11/2012
No fear of tax optimization21/09/2012
Sustainable building regulations at present and in the future23/08/2012
Procurement Monitoring Bureau might be given powers to impose monetary penalties on infringers21/08/2012