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Employment and Labour Law, Latvia


In the contemporary business setting, employment and labour law issues require more attention than ever before. 

Workforce is the single most important asset of many organizations.  Employees are covered by employment agreements containing complex provisions, executive remuneration and long-term incentive plans.  All of these arrangements have acquired unprecedented importance as a means of attracting and retaining talent.  In addition, they can affect productivity and sustainability of a business or undermine motivation of its workforce.   We are mindful of all of these considerations. 

Our team of experienced employment and employee benefits specialists has accumulated extensive experience in advising clients and acting on clients’ behalf in litigations and arbitrations revolving around complex employment and labour issues. 

The clients of our law firm who faced a variety of employment problems ranged from small domestic companies to large global businesses.  In addition, we have assisted employers in designing benefits and long-term incentive packages for employees in line with applicable requirements of domestic and international employment, tax, pension and securities laws.      


Our principal practice areas within employment and labour law include:

• Executive and employment contracts
• Secondments
• Employee stock and cash based incentive plans
• Executive hiring and termination issues
• Discrimination and equal employment opportunity
• Non-compete and non-solicitation arrangements in labour relationships
• Social security obligations
• Trade union and labour relations
• Collective agreements
• Individual and collective redundancies
• Workplace safety
• M&A and corporate control changes
• Immigration and work permit issues
• Employment law litigation

Our Experience

We pride ourselves in having represented our clients or having advised clients on a number of matters involving complex employment and labour law issues.  The track record of our employment practice includes, among others, the following landmark events:

We represented a large national insurance company in a trial alleging discrimination in treatment as applied to three employees of the company.

We advised a leading global electronics equipment manufacturer on a variety of labour law issues arising as a result of restructuring of its Latvian operation and employee lay-off.

We provided legal counselling to subsidiary company of the national railway company in connection with certain trade union matters.

We advised a leading international pharmaceuticals company in connection with termination of some of its employees.

We advised a local municipality with respect to several matters involving claims by former employees requesting reinstatement to work.

We advised the local subsidiary of the world’s leading dishwasher and household disinfectant manufacturer with respect to maternity leave entitlements applicable to its employees. 

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