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Corporate law, Lithuania

When it comes to corporate law, understanding a client's business is no less important than legal expertise. Our corporate lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of your market including industry trends and competitors, strategic goals, investment plans and key business risks.

Through this awareness, and by working closely with your team, we provide top-notch expert advice and a methodology that provides results quickly, efficiently and with greater predictability


We have the breadth of knowledge and experience to advise on all areas of corporate law, serving as a regular outside counsel to clients.

Our team provides general corporate law advice, including the conduct of litigation where necessary. We can assist you in the implementation of corporate compliance systems and processes within the organisations.

Our other services include corporate governance matters, such as solving issues relating to directors' duties and independence, advising on reorganisations, restructurings and all other aspects of corporate transactions.

We can offer you expert advice on complex and innovative public and private M&A deals, for example strategic spin-offs or disposal of business operations. You can also get guidance on managing existing commercial relationships, forming international alliances and expanding into new markets.

The solutions we provide are often innovative, and always achievable. We add value to any transaction through pragmatic, unequivocal and, above all, effective advice

Main areas of our expertise are:

  • incorporation and liquidation of public and private companies, other enterprises, branches, representative offices and non-profit organisations
  • restructuring of national and international businesses
  • joint ventures, shareholder rights and shareholder agreements
  • due diligence
  • secretarial services and corporate compliance
  • directors' liabilities and responsibilities
  • bankruptcy and insolvency.


Major Scandinavian energy and heat company

Advising on the acquisition of an interest in one of the largest Lithuanian heating companies. We also acted on several large scale investment projects in Lithuania.

Norwegian oil company

Assisting in various fuel supply commercial arrangements, licensing and other legal issues in Lithuania.

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania

Advising on corporate and commercial matters and the impact of the new pharma law.

Public and private partnership project in sports and entertainment

Acted for Kaunas City Municipality in developing one of the largest multifunctional arenas in Lithuania.

The largest catering chain in the Baltics

Drafted a legal review of corporate law on the Central and Eastern European Region. The work was focused on the corporate structure of the network and investments.

A leading Baltic cosmetics and perfume retailer

Advised on corporate and commercial law.

A German electric devices subsidiary

Acted in relation to various corporate matters.

A British furniture manufacturer 

Advising on corporate issues, drafting corporate resolutions, providing full support in raising capital, and helping with overall corporate and commercial matters relating to its business in Lithuania.

A French manufacturer of metal constructions for ships and piers

Drafting corporate resolutions and supporting in the area of green field investments in Lithuania.

A major Lithuanian cable telecommunication company

Performing a buy-side legal due diligence and transaction support services in relation to the acquisition of the shares in several other Lithuanian cable telecommunication companies.

A US based data communications distributor

Carrying out the review of acquisition documents of a major Lithuanian data communications distributor. The purpose of the project was the acquisition of shares in the Lithuanian company.

A major German pharma company in Lithuania

Advising on various ongoing corporate matters.

A major foreign capital pharma company

Advising on compliance matters in Lithuania, including pharmaceutical advertising and clinical trials.

A leading international waste management operator

Acting in relation to the corporate and commercial matters. We also advised on environmental related matters and public tenders in waste management.

A leader in the textile industry

Drafting and reviewing corporate resolutions and commercial contracts.

The world's largest enterprise software company

Rendering contract law and public procurement law advice.

A listed Japanese company

Acting in relation to the largest bankruptcy and recovery case in Lithuania.

A large number of private individuals

Advising on developing complicated holding structures and in relation to investment plans in Lithuania.

A major British furniture producing company

Advising on financial matters, delivering corporate resolutions and reviewing security (collateral) documentation to secure a syndicated loan. We also issued legal opinions in relation to the foreign syndicated loan.

The biggest cosmetics and perfume retailer in Lithuania

Assisting in raising the capital of the company.

A major German electric device producer

Drafting all the necessary documentation in relation to raising capital..

Major listed Lithuanian companies

Acting on several projects relating to a squeeze out.

A multinational biotechnology company

Delivered a wide range of legal services, including drafting supply contracts and issuing various legal opinions in the field of corporate law.

One of the largest baby food producers in the world

Preparing a comprehensive study of European Companies, drafting general meeting documentation and advising on other matters.


Advising PricewaterhouseCoopers for the benefit of several major international clients.

Moneyline Telerate

Advising on corporate law matters.

Major international pharmaceuticals company

Assisting in restructuring its activities from the representative office to the closed joint stock company. We also prepared and delivered a presentation on corporate governance for the Baltic Management in London.

Swiss supplier of goods

Advising on corporate law matters and liquidation procedures.

International producer of electronic plastic cards

Advising on corporate law matters.

Major international pharmaceuticals company

Advising on structuring company's activities in Lithuania.

A major Finish supplier of goods

Advising on corporate governance and employment matters.

An international law firm based in London

Providing EU law advice including guidance on the implementation of the 11th Company Law Directive in Lithuania.

One of the largest world producers of baby food

Advising on the acquisition of the shares of a Lithuanian distributor. We also advised on other corporate matters and shareholders' agreements.

A multinational biotechnology company

Advising on various corporate/commercial law aspects and operational permits and governmental approvals.

A movie producer

Representing the company on various legal matters in state institutions.

A wholesaler of food products

Carrying out a complex restructuring by way of merger, including advice on corporate and commercial law, competition clearance and intra-group transactions. We also advised on import-export procedures.

One of Italy's largest producer of automation components

Providing full scope legal advice.

A Lithuanian company involved in the cleaning business

Carrying out a buy-side legal due diligence of a Lithuanian provider of cleaning services, aiming at acquisition of 100 percent of the shares.

A major Finnish adhesive producer

Advising on the setting up of the business in Lithuania.

A producer of measurement equipment devices

Setting up the business and advice on various investment matters.

Several major pharmaceuticals companies

Advising on the Lithuanian regulatory environment in health protection and on the corporate, commercial and public procurement issues.

One of the world's largest waste management company

Advising on the acquisition of business in Lithuania and transfer of know-how. We also advised on various complex corporate and commercial matters and litigation.

One of the biggest Lithuanian beer producer

Advising on commercial law and finance law issues, including the preparation of an agreement for subscription of shares, legal analysis of the securities' prospect, and consultations on company management and shareholders issues.

A large pharmaceutical company

Advising on commercial law issues, including preparation of major distribution agreements and guidance on the regulatory environment of the pharmaceuticals sector in Lithuania.

SCA Hygiene Products

Advising on corporate and commercial law matters.

A global food company

Providing transaction support services and overall legal assistance in the corporate restructuring of its Lithuanian business operations.


Acting in relation to the privatisation of the major Lithuanian gas company Lietuvos Dujos.

One of the biggest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Europe

Carrying out a buy-side due diligence of two local pharmaceutical wholesalers, and implementing a corporate restructuring of the local legal presence of the group by merging the newly acquired local pharmaceutical wholesaler into a Lithuanian subsidiary.

A world leader in mobile communications

Advising on corporate law, including local company management and shareholders issues. We also drafted of various commercial and business contracts.

A major Scandinavian transport company

Advising on a number of corporate and other legal issues, and securities' registration and accounting matters.

A large foreign universal bank

Advising on the legal issues related to the post-investment phase and integration of activities of two commercial banks operating in Lithuania.


Acting in the privatisation of the major Lithuanian gas company Lietuvos Dujos. We carried out legal due diligence of Lietuvos Dujos and advised Gazprom on other foreign investment and privatisation related issues (including advice on the shareholders Agreement and share sale and purchase agreement).

Establishment legal services

Providing professional establishment legal services in Lithuania to numerous foreign and local-based clients. Our experience includes assistance to one of the world's largest software companies; a leading player on the Nordic telecommunications market; a global company involved in the development, manufacture and marketing of hygiene products; and the world's most broadly based manufacturer of health care products as well as many other enterprises.

The leading provider of integrated real-time information

Advising on the restructuring of business in Lithuania, transfer of employees, assets and transactions in relation to its corporate restructuring.

A global manufacturer and marketer of brand-name products

Carrying out legal due diligence of one of the biggest sewing company in Lithuania in relation to the acquisition of shares.

A major electricity production and heat supply company

Preparing a detailed actions plan for lease of business, performing a full scope legal due diligence, de-merged business units, negotiating and agreeing upon financial instruments with EBRD and preparing and negotiating lease agreements with the private operator.

Subsidiary of the largest Norwegian oil company

Advised the subsidiary of the largest Norwegian oil company on competition regulations and several competition clearances in Lithuania including the acquisition of a significant oil terminal in Lithuania, and a stake in the major methyl-ether producing company. Assisting on commercial contracts with clients, suppliers, and distributors, and fuel card arrangements.

Major international food company

Advising on corporate and EU law related matters in relation to various milk purchasing regulations.

A leading international waste management operator

Acted for the client in relation to the public tenders in waste management and competition regulations.

Foreign capital alcohol distributor

Advising on various corporate and commercial matters (marketing arrangements, distribution agreements, supply contracts, branding, etc).

A major Scandinavian energy and heat company

Acting on large scale investment projects in the energy and heating sector in Lithuania, company on corporate and commercial transactions.

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Lithuania

Advising on corporate and commercial matters and new pharma legislation.