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Data protection law, Lithuania

Our deep and multi-jurisdictional experience has given us an understanding not just of the law and risks, but has helped us develop a pragmatic approach to compliance and effective strategies in response to breach or enforcement events. We create insightful solutions based on sectoral experience as well as technical knowledge that make sense for your organization.

Our practice spans the full range of data law topics. Whether you call it privacy or data protection, cyber or information security law, transparency or information access laws, we can assist you.

Our Data protection services include:

-    supporting with data mapping exercise;
-    drafting GDPR compliant documents and policies;
-    advising on data privacy compliance matters;
-    handling complaints and requests from individuals and regulatory bodies;
-    filing notifications, permits or approvals of processing activities with the regulatory authorities;
-    providing training on data protection;
-    supporting in case of data breaches;
-    providing other support and advice with data privacy matters.

Our experience

A substantial personal data protection legal advice to the US data controller.
We advise local and international companies on data protection compliance issues and assists in authorisation procedures with the local data protection authority.
Rendered legal advice to the world's largest enterprise software company. Advised the client on data protection, licensing, software requirements.
Advised a large Scandinavian origin company on personal data protection while carrying out marketing and promotional actions.
Full scope legal services provided to one of the leading companies in the world of mobile technology. Developed and localized compliance manuals and procedures for a client’s business in Lithuania in the fields of data protection, IP, IT, etc.