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Technology, Media and Communications, Lithuania

Business faces many IT-related challenges relating to new technologies, data protection and e-commerce amongst others. We can handle the legal issues, allowing you to concentrate on fully exploiting the opportunities available. We will assess legal risks and advise on how to follow the procedures.


It is vital if companies are to stay competitive and enhance the quality of services they provide to their clients. However, there are new risks in doing business in the new environment.

We advise clients on all aspects of information technology, media and communications. You can get assistance on designing, structuring and controlling e-business solutions that take advantage of favourable local laws and ensure cost-effectiveness, risk reduction and data protection.

Our expertise covers electronic signature technologies, standard terms of trading online, all types of agreements with third parties, the legal effect of electronic messages and trading via a third-party site.

We have the expertise to assist you in developing your services in the telecommunications market, particularly on regulatory matters.

Main areas of our expertise include:

  • national and EU regulatory compliance
  • telecommunications permits and notifications
  • intellectual property protection with respect to networks and software, including software licences, development and support arrangements and similar contracts
  • electronic commerce including electronic banking and finance
  • personal data protection
  • advice on the legal issues of convergence in the IT, telecommunications, broadcasting and media sectors
  • online businesses and emerging technologies
  • e-business due diligence and documentation
  • information security
  • agreements for internet services
  • hardware supply and maintenance agreements.


A US based data communications distributor

Carrying out the review of acquisition documents of a major Lithuanian data communications distributor. The purpose of the project was the acquisition of shares in the Lithuanian company.

The world's largest enterprise software company

Rendering contract law and public procurement law advice.

A British TV quiz producer

Advising on various legal matters.

An international telemarketing company

Providing ongoing advice.

An international telecommunications company

Providing ongoing advice.

A leading electronic device producer

Advising on corporate law matters.

A leading datacommunications distributor

Reviewing the acquisitions documents with the view to the acquisition of shares in a Lithuanian company.

A large Scandinavian origin company

Providing comprehensive personal data protection legal advice in the context of carrying out marketing and promotional actions. We also drafted documentation on the transfer of trademarks and delivered other intellectual property law advice.

Major Finnish telecommunication technologies company

Providing full scope legal assistance.

International company involved in financial lease of IT products

Providing legal assistance a company involved in financial lease of IT products.

A client in the IT sector

Advising on competition clearance matters.

Legal advice to international telemarketing company

Our lawyers provided legal services to international telemarketing company.

Global IT company

Advising during global IT company on participation in a complex public tender in Lithuania. We provided advice on public tender regulation issues, verified proposal compliance with the tender rules and other related legal assistance.

A worldwide mobile telecommunication company

Preparing and updating a stock option plan, and advising on its conformity with Lithuanian laws.

A large software distributor and computer manufacturer

Advicing on OEM software licensing and package-license issues.

A world leader in mobile communications

Advising on intellectual property protection issues, including the legal implications of the sale of intellectual property objects on the Internet.

TeliaSonera International Carrier - an international telecommunications company

Acting for the company in Lithuania.

The US origin data controller

Providing personal data protection legal advice.

International pharmaceutical company

Advising on advertising regulations and corporate branding.

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