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Beyond Borders: Eversheds Sutherland's ICR insights series. EU Mobility Directive – Legal Update – Poland 09/11/2022
Residence titles extended under the special covid-19 Act will soon expire31/10/2022
What is next for PNRs? Consequences of the CJEU ruling24/06/2022
Report: The next drivers of strategic M&A09/06/2022
Exceeding threshold of 50% in a public company necessitates a tender offer30/05/2022
Information for refugees from Ukraine / Інформація для біженців з України20/04/2022
Antitrust penalties for individuals in Poland14/01/2022
"Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with an outlook until 2040" - challenges and opportunities09/12/2021
Podcast: Legal status of cannabis-derived products in Germany and Poland15/11/2021
Protection of whistleblowers in Poland under prospective legislation27/10/2021
Podcast: Electronic delivery service in court proceedings in Poland and Germany25/09/2021
Real Estate Transfers in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic03/09/2021
Real estate transfers in Poland | Common mistakes and Invitation to a webinar31/08/2021
Podcast: Do’s and Don’ts in negotiations between Polish and German companies, part 230/07/2021
Podcast: Directors' Duties in Poland and Germany14/07/2021
Podcast: Virtual hearings in Poland and Germany10/06/2021
Podcast: Self-tests for laymen in Poland and Germany – Q&A06/06/2021
The Amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act: two new interesting points24/05/2021
Podcast: Do’s & Don’ts in negotiations between Polish and German companies, part 117/05/2021
Podcast: Recent and expected key developments in Polish and German competition law26/04/2021
Changes in court and arbitration proceedings against the background of professionalising public procurement02/03/2021
Extinguishing Intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties: Recent Developments23/01/2021
Coronavirus – Employment law update – Poland 20/03/2020
Coronavirus - Information for employers – Poland16/02/2020
Getting the Deal Through: Public Procurement 2019 10/07/2019
Will new laws make public procurement more business friendly?20/05/2019
DAC 6 cross-border reporting obligations15/05/2019
The international tax compliance landscape in 201914/05/2019
The Downfall of Investment Treaty Arbitration and Possible Future Developments13/05/2019
Public Procurement and Government Contracts 201910/05/2019
Global employment and labor law update - April 201902/05/2019
Dividends, interest, royalties: Crucial changes to compliance provisions01/05/2019
Helping you through changing times: Download our Brexit Preparedness Tracker26/04/2019
Tax Alerts07/02/2019
CSR in environmental protection: true concern for Mother Nature or a legal requirement?13/12/2018
Catching up with reality03/11/2018
Updata - Your quarterly Privacy and Cybersecurity update24/10/2018
Global Employment briefing: Poland, October 201803/10/2018
A long and winding road: Implementation of EU law in Poland - examples in the financial sector25/09/2018
The Preliminary Ruling in the Achmea (formerly Eureko) v. Slovakia Case: the Uncertain Future of Intra-EU BITs13/07/2018
Smart contracts and efficient contracting29/06/2018
Global employment briefing: Poland, June 201812/06/2018
Digital currencies: How should they be served and seasoned?26/04/2018
Technology at law firms: the revolution is yet to come24/04/2018
The rights of whistleblowers25/02/2018
A guide to taking security in 21 countries worldwide17/02/2018
Sunday trading to be banned in Poland10/02/2018
Global employment briefing: Poland, January 201831/01/2018
Auditors, be aware!13/12/2017
Importance of MiFID II for the energy sector: sanctions for non-compliance12/10/2017
How can energy companies be affected by MiFID II?11/10/2017
The future of HR Management: at the intersection of AI and personal data protection11/10/2017
Summary of MiFID II and its impact on the energy sector10/10/2017
On the safe side18/09/2017
Judicial Reforms in Poland – Context and Controversy17/08/2017
Getting the Deal Through: Public Procurement 201708/08/2017
Contractual Advantage: New Rules of Agricultural and Food Product Trade21/07/2017
Bitcoin is not so black as it is painted…14/07/2017
Changes in audits from 21 June 201729/06/2017
Global employment briefing: Poland, June 201701/06/2017
Why your company should focus on tax risk management these days?29/05/2017
Hands across the ocean29/05/2017
Blockchain - what legal changes lie ahead?17/02/2017
Public procurement in Poland - what legal changes lie ahead?16/02/2017
Avoiding disruption. European guide to strikes and other industrial action15/02/2017
Online platforms are one of the biggest regulatory challenges for the EU’s digital single market10/02/2017
Polish energy sector in 201710/02/2017
Law & Business 2017. Key changes. Trends and challenges09/02/2017
Małgorzata Sajkiewicz co-authored the chapter of The Global Tax Guide07/02/2017
Data Protection & Privacy 201719/10/2016
EU Public Procurement Reform Guide 201604/10/2016
Global employment briefing: Poland, October 201630/09/2016
By sharing links, you can infringe copyrights on the Internet 23/09/2016
ADR on the way up02/06/2016
Global employment briefing: Poland, May 201624/05/2016
Commercial Arbitration - Annual Review 201606/05/2016
A shake-up in tax law29/02/2016
Global employment briefing: Poland - February 201601/02/2016
Right of redress: legal challenges for producers and sellers in Poland18/01/2016
An arbitration award is just the beginning18/01/2016
Data Protection & Privacy 201629/09/2015
Polish Constitutional Tribunal changes the rules for claiming copyright infringement damages20/07/2015
Amendments to corporate and personal income tax regimes: New CFC rules in Poland19/06/2015
Global employment briefing: Poland, January 201528/01/2015
Brace for impact?15/01/2015
It’s not clear which documents certifying no conviction record UK companies should provide when applying for tenders in Poland17/12/2014
A new day for DPOs27/11/2014
DKF & Wierzbowski Eversheds defence and security networking meeting: Discussion of the new Offset Act16/07/2014
Poland implements EU Consumer Rights Directive – how will businesses be affected?15/07/2014
Turning the page: Proposed changes to Sunday work rules already stirring the pot04/02/2014
A modest proposal27/09/2013
The trickle-down effect11/09/2013
Drive for wider board diversity challenged by trend for smaller boards - new report identifies global standards and emerging trends for effective boards03/07/2013
Global employment briefing: Poland, May 201323/05/2013
Telecoms & Media 201304/04/2013
Global employment briefing: Poland, January 201325/01/2013
Privacy protection in the telecommunications sector – new rules of storing information in telecommunications terminal equipment01/01/2013
Class/Group Actions in Poland23/10/2012
Recreating the PPP magic formula14/08/2012
Telecoms & Media 201216/05/2012
Conditional merger approvals in Polish legislation and decision-making practice. CARS Open PhD Seminar Report01/02/2012
More economic approach to exclusivity agreements: how does it work in practice?01/02/2012
International food and drink sector key issues for 2012 Poland31/01/2012
Legal Eye: Artfully Legal09/01/2012
Legal Eye: Bribery laws12/12/2011
Legal Eye: Ratings game21/11/2011
Legal Eye: Distribution disputes14/11/2011
Legal Eye: Solid gold returns17/10/2011
Legal Eye: Vote for ME!03/10/2011
Legal Eye: Currency and mortgages14/02/2011
Legal Eye: Garlic and other wonder drugs01/03/2010
Legal Eye: Personal trash18/01/2010