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Beyond Borders: Eversheds Sutherland's ICR insights series. EU Mobility Directive – Legal Update – Belgium24/11/2022
The modernization of the Belgian Civil Code - Part V: Anticipatory breach04/11/2022
The modernization of the Belgian Civil Code - Part IV: My debtor does not comply with its obligations, what can I do? 03/11/2022
The modernization of the Belgian Civil Code - Part III: Changed circumstances? A judge could soon adapt your contract.02/11/2022
The modernization of the Belgian Civil Code - Part II: General Terms and Conditions 01/11/2022
The modernization of the Belgian Civil Code - Part I: Watch out for your liability in the pre-contractual negotiation phase31/10/2022
Are cashless stores the future? 15/09/2022
Virtual asset service providers subject to new registration requirements in Belgium01/05/2022
A welcome change - Belgium’s new tax regime for expats21/04/2022
A new year, new rules 03/01/2022
First Aid Kit in Employment Law - Episode 1: Return to Work.22/12/2021
Reform of Belgium’s expat taxation regime - First thoughts and recommendations09/12/2021
Can the Belgian domestic general anti-abuse rule be invoked to determine which double taxation treaty should apply? 19/10/2021
Kan art. 344, §1 van het WIB worden ingeroepen om te bepalen welk dubbelbelastingverdrag toepassing vindt? 19/10/2021
L'article 344, §1 du CIR peut-il être invoqué pour déterminer la convention de prévention de double imposition applicable ? 19/10/2021
Logistics is our lifeline to the future: Belgium at the crossroads07/10/2021
Business and human rights due diligence guide09/09/2021
Le fisc face à la nouvelle mobilité des travailleurs21/04/2021
Les plates-formes numériques contraintes de dévoiler systématiquement au fisc des données sur leurs utilisateurs22/03/2021
EU DAC 7 – Digital platforms to report information on their users to the tax authorities11/02/2021
Foreign tax credit: the Court of Cassation confirms again that Belgium must grant a credit to Belgian residents for tax paid on dividends in France16/11/2020
Intragroup Debt Restructuring: On the Tax Treatment of Debt-Equity Swaps in Belgium06/11/2020
Resumption of the social election procedures 2020: Are you ready? - Employment Law24/09/2020
Belgian tax authorities take a highly questionable position regarding the taxation of foreign movable income25/06/2020
Coronavirus – Draft bill for one-off loss carry-back and possible tax free recovery reserve - Belgium19/06/2020
Coronavirus – Profit distribution by way of dividends – Belgium26/05/2020
The Petersberg Climate Dialogue XI30/04/2020
Coronavirus – Stay on legal enforcement with a view to protect enterprises – Belgium28/04/2020
Coronavirus - Director's liability during COVID-19 – Belgium24/04/2020
Coronavirus – Impact on civil court proceedings – Belgium 24/04/2020
Coronavirus – Moratorium on bankruptcy proceedings – Belgium17/04/2020
Coronavirus – Shareholders and board meetings – Belgium16/04/2020
Coronavirus – Ongoing agreements in judicial reorganization – Belgium09/04/2020
Coronavirus – Flemish soil legislation – Belgium06/04/2020
Coronavirus – Employment law – Belgium06/04/2020
Coronavirus – Debtor shortcomings – Belgium06/04/2020
Coronavirus – Judicial reorganization – Belgium03/04/2020
Coronavirus – Shareholders and board meetings – Belgium02/04/2020
Coronavirus – Public procurement contracts – Belgium02/04/2020
Coronavirus – Walloon environmental law – Belgium 27/03/2020
Coronavirus – Force majeure – Belgium26/03/2020
Revised EU thresholds regarding public procurement and concession contracts, with Belgian specifics07/01/2020
Is Belgium prepared for Brexit?16/07/2019
Recent developments in employment law15/07/2019
Brussels Quarterly Legal Update12/07/2019
The Act of 4 April 2019: Protecting enterprises by limiting contractual freedom?12/07/2019
Deadline UBO registration approaching – 30 September 201912/07/2019
Electronic invoicing in public procurement12/07/2019
The new Belgian Companies and Associations Code : How will the reform impact your company? 12/07/2019
New Companies and Associations Code to allow termination of the term of directors with notice/compensation without using protective structures29/04/2019
Global employment briefing: Belgium, October 201803/10/2018
Global employment briefing: Belgium, January, 201831/01/2018
Global employment briefing: Belgium, October 201706/10/2017
Global employment briefing: Belgium - June 201701/06/2017
Belgian Supreme Court strengthens position on act on occupational pensions (28 April 2003) in its judgment of 6 March 201730/05/2017
Towards a new incentive for innovation – The Innovation box01/02/2017
Key issues from November’s UPC User Workshop in Luxembourg22/12/2015
Global employment briefing: Belgium, May 201323/05/2013