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Corporate and financial services in Belgium

"Deploying corporate strategies that are responsive to the market is essential to compete in a global economy. In the same way, structuring successful deals means responding to the legal environment and the needs of all parties involved.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Belgian legislation. They also have strong project management skills, and a track record of helping businesses maximise the opportunities brought about by strategic investment or divestment."

Stanislas De Peuter

Mergers and acquisitions

The economic and geo-political position of Belgium often makes it part of an international merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction.

Our team combines technical knowledge of the Belgian regulatory framework with experience in assisting foreign companies who have interests in Belgium.

Liquidations and insolvency

Insolvency as well as liquidation procedures involve many risks for company management and shareholders. Rigorous pre-liquidation work is crucial to assess and minimise the potential liability of directors and shareholders, whilst the type of liquidation chosen may determines the amount of assets realised.

Our expertise in this area includes both Belgian companies and foreign companies who have subsidiaries in Belgium.

Corporate (re)structuring

Companies need to adapt their structure to their market and its environment to achieve their corporate objectives. This implies downsizing or upsizing operations that may be complex to plan and implement.

Our extended experience in corporate (re)structuring and our ability to draw on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team enables us to develop and deliver efficient solutions to our clients.

Corporate compliance

The regulatory framework can constitute a burden for many companies. What is needed is technical expertise and commercially-minded advice to ensure businesses are structured in a compliant and effective way.

We are experienced in helping clients from all industries and countries of origin to set up, manage or extend their business.

We frequently work in areas such as:

  • company formations
  • joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • employee share schemes
  • day to day corporate formalities.

Corporate finance

The market comprises a wealth of financing vehicles to help drive companies' growth. Obtaining the right advice on dealing with financial and government bodies and required procedures is key.

We help our clients in:

  • private equity
  • venture capital
  • management buy-out
  • management buy-in
  • institutional buy-out
  • securitisation.

Corporate litigation

Disputes are an inevitable consequence of corporate activity.

Whether they involve shareholders, directors and shareholders, or any other stakeholders, our approach to dispute resolution can offer many benefits to our clients.