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Magazine 2/2022

Clients on stage – What does the future look like?

The world and circumstances have changed at a rapid pace in the recent past and will continue to do so. Predicting the future is difficult. In this issue, we gave the floor to our clients and partners, asking them how they see the future. The question was approached from various perspectives and from the starting points of different sectors.

Magazine 1/2022

Step by step to a solution

In business, resolving different disagreements, and at worst disputes, is commonplace. The changing economic cycles significantly guide the causes and consequences of disputes. The theme of our latest customer magazine is litigation, which is approached from many different perspectives.

The magazine is available in Finnish.


Magazine 2/2021

Active beats passive - Special issue on corporate transactions

This magazine is comprised of articles related to the different stages and players involved in a corporate transaction process. Our own experts address legal questions related to corporate transactions. We have also talked to one financier, two equity investors and two clients on their views and experiences pertaining to transactions.

Magazine 1/2021

Positive Energy - Making Use of New Energy Sources

Energy transition lies behind the magazine’s theme Positive Energy. On the other hand, we are exploring what gives people energy for both work and leisure.


magazine cover 2_2020

Magazine 2/2020

Keeping the Wheels Turning - Emerging from the Crisis Stronger than Ever

This time the theme of our magazine is Keeping the Wheels Turning. The idea is that we can slowly start returning to ordinary everyday life, if necessary by using new means, tools and programmes.

Magazine 1/2020

Active beats passive - Special issue on corporate transactions

Information as a theme fits the world of law perfectly. This magazine examines information from the perspective of corporate transactions, compilation of statistics and dispute resolution.



Magazine 02 2019

Magazine 2/2019

Connected Globally, Committed Locally - Opportunities and Challenges in International Business

We are a part of the international Eversheds Sutherland. For us, international operation has meant a lot of cooperation with new countries, new learning, employee secondments, international clients and events as well as new colleagues around the world. On the other hand, our six offices around Finland show that we are committed locally.


Private - Legal Issues of Private Individuals

The Private supplement covers topical subjects relating to private individuals’ legal questions ranging from family wealth to taxation.


Magazine 1/2019

Burying the Hatchet - Disputes, Litigation and Settlement Proceedings

This magazine covers disputes, litigation, settlement proceedings and related examples.



Eversheds Sutherland 2/2017 Magazine

2/2017 Supplement

Eversheds Sutherland 2/2017 Supplement

2/2017 Supplement