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  • A work in progress? Hybrid working webinar with Acas

    We’d be delighted if you could join us at our webinar on 5 October, where we will be partnering with Acas to offer an interactive, practical and timely discussion of the key hybrid working issues employers need to be aware of.
  • Current developments in employment law - increasing regulatory and reputational pressures?

    Join our experienced employment lawyers online for this summary of the latest employment law developments and practical implications. As whistleblowing grows, in part due to the pandemic, we consider the latest trends and how employers should respond. Regulatory and reputational pressures on businesses to demonstrate that they are responsible employers are also increasing, from government naming and shaming to new disclosure duties.
  • Diversity and inclusion conference

    Whilst policy focus in the UK has long been on “levelling up”, the pandemic has exacerbated many equality issues at the forefront of such strategies. The pandemic has also left in its wake a greater shift in societal attitudes and working expectations, with an appreciation of the speed at which change can be effected. Increasingly, such issues are also subject to external influences, such as growing pressure from investors, customers and suppliers for improved staff diversity.
  • Dutch employment law training

    Employee rights are well protected under Dutch law, especially in dismissal cases, but employers are able to swiftly adjust staff levels in their company due to changes in, for example a fluctuation in workload. A wide variety of options are available for employers to hire people in a flexible manner provided that the rules are used properly.
  • European HR - managing multi-jurisdictional projects

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders in multiple jurisdictions is even more difficult due to cultural and legal differences. Heavily regulated employment law regimes that differ significantly in their approach can also pose additional challenges, particularly in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the severe impact it is having on economies across the globe.
  • German employment law training

    Germany is a major trading partner for many countries throughout the world, not to mention the most important single market in the European Union.
  • Immigration UK - Business travellers: masterclass for HR practitioners

    This course addresses the issue of business travel post-Brexit and how the end of the post-Brexit transition period has changed this.
  • Immigration UK - Right-to-work in 2021

    The end of free movement for EEA and Swiss citizens will require substantial changes to immigration compliance processes in the UK over the next few months.
  • Ireland & Northern Ireland employment law - key differences with Great Britain

    The Irish and UK legal systems have many similarities. However in an employment law context those similarities can be deceptive. In addition, the fact that employment law in Northern Ireland is a devolved matter means that there are, in reality, three different employment law jurisdictions across the UK and Ireland, namely Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
  • Italian employment law training

    Italy probably has the most complex employment law in Europe. Did you know that in Italy: there are more than 400 national collective agreements in force; four different categories of employees, all subject to specific (and different) rules and regulations; and that unfair dismissal claims can, and do, result in compulsory reinstatement and awards of more than 40 months of salary?