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Rebalancing the UK economy

One thing is clear from June’s referendum: Britain is divided. Whilst London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to maintain the political status quo, many regions across the UK voted to leave the European Union.

What now is apparent is the need for the UK to create a more balanced economy with investment into infrastructure, housing, skills and greater regional empowerment to direct investment and policy.

Through our Northern and Midlands growth agenda work, Eversheds will be hosting and participating in a number of research projects, debates and seminars to help identify the key issues that need addressing in order to rebalance the UK economy.

Northern growth agenda

Northern Growth Agenda

With a history and footprint in the North of England that dates back more than 200 years, Eversheds isn’t a newcomer to the Northern Powerhouse and the Northern Growth Agenda but has been part of its fabric for centuries.

See our Northern Growth Agenda pages

Midlands growth agenda

Midlands Growth Agenda

With the country actively seeking and encouraging investment and new trade deals, now is the time for the Midlands to set-out its requirements and credentials and seize UK, European and global investment and trade opportunities.

See our Midlands Growth Agenda pages

For more information on any of the legal issues presented by Brexit please visit the Brexit hub
Brexit hub

Brexit hub

Eversheds is committed to giving clear, straightforward and objective advice on what an exit may mean for your business. The issues are not the same for every business and we will ensure that our legal advice is tailored to your needs.

Visit our Brexit Hub

Eversheds Brexit Hub - Brexit business legal advice