KSA: The Renewable Energy Project Development Office (“REPDO”) invites expressions of interest (“EOIs”) for 1.515 GW of greenfield solar PV IPPs

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Pursuant to our previous update on 15 January 2019, REPDO has invited EOIs from prospective bidders in relation to seven additional greenfield solar PV IPPs with a combined potential capacity of 1.515 GW in order to meet the revised renewable energy targets under the national renewable energy program.


EOIs should be submitted for the development, design, permitting, engineering, financing, procurement, construction, commissioning, testing, completion, ownership, insurance, operation and maintenance of seven additional greenfield solar PV IPPs with a combined potential capacity of 1.515 GW.

Interested parties should express their interest to participate in the tender process by 14 February 2019 via the REPDO eProcurement portal.

National industrial development and logistics program (“NIDLP”)

In a recent announcement made by the NIDLP, NIDLP list the seven solar PV IPPs being promoted by REPDO. NIDLP list the projects and the required investment as follows:

Name of project Required Investment (SAR)

1 Al Faisliah solar park 600 million

2 Solar energy production in Jeddah 1 billion

3 Solar electricity production in Rabigh 1 billion

4 Madinah solar PV park 188 million

5 Rafha solar PV park 169 million

6 Qurayyat solar PV park 75 million

7 Mahd AlDahab solar PV park 750 million

NIDLP anticipates local demand for energy in 2026 will be 20 GW, rising to 40 GW in 2030. All of these projects will be conditional upon signing a purchasing power agreement with the government for 25 years.

There are further projects announced by NIDLP to encourage the manufacturing of solar cells, PV modules and wind towers, promoted by the General Investment Authority of Saudi Arabia.

If you would like to discuss the above, any other clean energy opportunities in KSA or the wider MENA region, or the market generally, please contact the team below.